Ticker-Tape Parade

Texas-based laywer MOM snuck away from the L.A. courthouse yesterday to spend the afternoon with Ellie. In celebration, Home Depot gave the 'latch-key crutches kid' an industrial-sized Rascal. Mom went straight to work hauling large bags of soil and petunias. Ellie scootered from hardware to gardening, only clipping the heels of one slow-moving, snack-munching child. Back at Gimpy's Abode, mother beautified the flower beds (former backyard mud pits) and daughter painted window boxes. Ellie admited she likes being craftsy, as long as Mom sets up/cleans up her workstation--Not much has changed since Kindergarten. Ellie hopes more of Mom's LA-based clients get sued in the near future cause Ellie's patio could use sweeping.