Delighting in Shower Hour with McDreamy

Oprah's got her gratitude journal, but I'm keeping a list of little delights. What's the difference you ask? Here's the kind of thing I'd write in a gratitude journal: Dear Universe, soooo grateful I don't live in a developing country or in America thirty years ago 'cause then docs would have amputated my leg. See! It's heavy stuff. Gratefulness can also be a downer 'cause guilt follows close behind. Next thing you know, you start doing good for others. It's a slippery slope.

While I'm (gratefully) gimping along with a cane, I'm savoring the little delights. For example, there's Mark-Paul Gosselaar's bare tush on last night's FRANKLIN & BASH (TNT). It probably wouldn't belong in a gratitude journal, but it's certainly a delight.

You know what else goes on my list of little delights? Every time I shower, I catch Patrick Dempsey taking a peek at me from the hallway. He's so naughty! He can't help himself!

actual view from my shower

You might ask: Ellie, as a grown woman, why would you have such an awesome poster hanging in your home?

Well, it's a reminder of one of my classiest moments as a classically trained actor. I truly embodied the role of the inebriated college freshman dressed as Monica Lewinsky at Halloween. And the puke is real. Not really. It's minestrone soup. But the burp's real. And I'd be happy to sign autographs. Grateful even.