Letters from the Outside

I just wanted to write that strangers are awesome. Sure, there are the creepy stalker types out there, and the angry jerks, and the emotional basketcases you want to steer clear from. But, I must say, most of the strangers I've encountered during my recovery have been lovely. I just got this note from a GCT patient, in the midst of her recovery.

...your blog is the first GCT-related-anything that actually made me laugh out loud.

And, this morning I read a note from a spouse of a GCT patient who's had a particularly difficult road to recovery. She wrote...

Some days,  "coffee break" really is the mood of the day...

So, my isolation anthem is actually a point of connection. Who knew? I had hoped. But who knew? (Coffee Break with a Shut In video is on the right).

I haven't felt this surge of excitement--that my work could actually affect others in a positive way--since I was in college, putting on movement theater plays in a barn off Long Island Sound. Thanks for reading. It made my Spring a lot easier knowing I could share it with you.