Ellie Misbehaves at Health Center

new side view of my knee with cement.Sometimes, I feel like I've been initiated into a secret society. So few people seem to know about Giant Cell Tumors. I've had six MRI's/x-rays this year in Los Angeles, in five different locations and not a soul has heard of it: not the technicians working the machines, nor the radiologists, nor the doctors; not even my physical therapist. 

Earlier this week, I got a chest and knee x-ray at the health center nearby. I limped down the long hallway. The radiologist motioned for me to take a seat. Four other patients and I sat elbow to elbow like we were at a bus stop. He read my doctor's request: it spelled out that I had recent surgery for a Giant Cell Tumor in my femur.

The radiologist shuffled around papers and asked me where my last chest x-ray was. I said, "I don't think you have one."

He muttered in front of everyone, "Well then, what am I supposed to compare it to?" He sighed, aggravated. 

If he wanted to make my business everyone's business, then fine. I used my best frigid, low, school marm voice. "We're just checking to see that my tumor didn't metastasize to my lungs." 

The elderly man with a deep cough shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The boy with a broken arm gulped. The radiologist shut his mother loving mouth.


Here are my latest results written by my surgeon's right hand man

Chest xray was negative for any changes.  the knee showed no further breakdown and overall reasonably well maintained knee postoperatively.

If he could ditch the qualifiers, "overall" and "reasonably,' I'd feel better. If I read that response on a term paper, I'd guess I was getting a solid B. I want an A+. I asked for clarification: "What does 'reasonably well maintained' mean?" Here's the response I got in its entirety... 

  per report there is no tumor recurrence, fractures or loosening-that is "reasonably well maintained".

I think that's doctor speak for 'shut up, stop obsessing, and be grateful'.