The Abandoners

By now you've heard of Chubs, our wondermutt. We've taken him everywhere with us: Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Palm Springs, even Vegas. And yet, whenever the suitcase comes out, he goes into panic mode. He has abandonment issues that are clearly unfounded. That is until now.

Chubs was on edge all morning as our family packed for the drive from Detroit to the cottage Up North. My sis-in-law Natalie commented, "Chubs is so anxious. What is that about?"

"Our packing," I said, rolling my eyes. "He thinks we'll forget him."  

As hubby loaded the trunk, Chubs scrambled to sit on the top of the luggage heap in the driveway. Don't forget me. "You crazy dog. We're not leaving yet." He followed me back into the house.

Later, in the kitchen, hubby unzipped Chubs' travel bag and he dove right in. No fuss. He never makes a peep. We checked emails and I found my sunglasses. Phone-check. Wallet-check. Keys-check. Our three car caravan hit the road. 

For two hours, hubby and I discussed important matters such as: the endless summer road construction, a billboard with the caption "I used to be a tool. Now I'm the whole shed!," whether Meijer sells John Irving books on tape.

Somewhere around Grand Rapids, my Maternal Alarm finally went off. (Very faint beeping sound. Made in Taiwan. There was probably a recall.) "Where is Chubs?" I asked. I looked on the floor of the backseat. He wasn't there. "Could he be in the way back?" 

"No. Oh my God. We forgot him. I'm pulling over." It was a HOME ALONE moment (Kevinnnnnn!!!).

My grandmother once buckled up three kids and started driving Up North before she remembered she had left the baby (my uncle) in the crib. This sort of scatterbrained forgetfulness must be genetic. Is there something about the excitement of getting to the cottage that makes us irresponsible dullards?

Worst case scenarios rushed through our minds. What if Chubs wasn't inside the house? What if hubby carried Chubs' travel bag out to the car and forgot to put him in? What if Chubs was trapped in his doggie suitcase baking in the driveway for the past two hours? What if we backed over him and didn't notice?  

We called my dad-in-law still at his office. He always comes to the rescue. Vito might as well have a superhero cape in his glove compartment. He rushed home to his empty house to find his grandpup.

Luckily, Chubs was inside, safe and sound, still zipped up in his bag by the fridge...waiting.

We're all together again. I know he'll forgive us. He's already given me a thousand (undeserved) licks since we've reunited. He's the best dog ever and also the smartest. He's been right all along; we're not to be trusted.