Creative Friday: Bill Cunningham New York Documentary

Before you cancel streaming Netflix in protest to the price hike, watch BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK. It's a darling film about the iconic New York Times fashion photographer.

Cunningham has no personal life. He's never had a relationship. He doesn't spend money on himself. He doesn't own a car, or a television, or even a couch. His apartment is packed with filing cabinets. He is completely obsessed with his work. 

This sweet, funny, humble man has dedicated his entire life to documenting his passion: clothes. The odd thing is he doesn't own any himself. He says that if he had a nice jacket, it would just get ripped up by his camera. And he's never without his camera. He rides his bike past the town cars and the limos to the extravagent parties he photographs. He still shoots with film. He places little value on money. Money means you are owned by somebody else. And to him, creative freedom is everything.

Even if you have no interest in fashion whatsoever, this is a portrait of an artist worth watching.