Screw Perfectionism: Look Up & Out!

How amazeballs is this Anne Lamott quote? I'm looking down at my feet all the time and not just metaphorically. My gaze falls to the ground when I retreat into my own little world of anxiety and distraction. And because of this, I get hurt an awful lot. I end up slamming my head into things like stacked washing machine doors and worse. I earned a concussion by skiing forehead first into a ski sign. And there was the time I got karate chopped in the face by an automatic parking gate in an outdoor lot. I'm lucky I still have a head attached to my body. Here's a lovely picture of that meltdown before the black eye developed...

HESITATION is another one of my false comforts. Second guessing is 10x more dangerous than trusting my initial impulse. I've gotten in two car wrecks thanks to my hesitation.

The deal is: we're all going to die anyway. I might as well Look Up and Out, trust my instincts, and take in the world around me while I still have it. At least, I'll get fewer black eyes.