Super Bowl Fun Times

Greetings from Indianapolis!

I've learned three things so far. People in Indiana are super nice until you mention the Patriots. If you wear sunglasses indoors, people look at you like you might be famous. And if you stand in the hotel lobby by yourself at night, older men will ask you: Where's the party?, which I'm pretty sure is code for: Are you an escort?

I hate being a girl who doesn't know much about football. But I have a hard time concentrating on a game when there's chips and dip to be scarfed down and margaritas to be made. Luckily, my girlfriend Claire Coffee knows a ton. Read her clever posts explaining the nuances of football over at: Hello Giggles. 

And P.S., I was savvy enough to recognize Rex Ryan, Michael Irvin, & Mike Ditka in our hotel lobby...Thank you HBO, Dancing with the Stars, and SNL.